Chic CHIC – Computational Horizons In Cancer (CHIC)
Developing Meta- and Hyper-Multiscale Models and Repositories for In Silico Oncology.

p-medicine_logo p-medicine – From data sharing and integration via VPH models to personalized medicine
Between ACGT (Advancing Clinico Genomic Trials on Cancer), ContraCancrum and p-medicine a close interaction will take place, as several of the partners are also enrolled in these three European funded projects.

TUMOR_logo TUMOR is a 3-year collaborative project co-funded under the 7th Framework programme of the European Community. The project aims at implementing a EU cancer model/data repository, and developing/providing specific tools and methods for the collection, curation, validation and customization of existing EU and US cancer models, by linking the most significant relevant EU VPH projects on cancer modelling (ContraCancrum, ACGT), and the US project (CViT).

contra_cancrum_logo ContraCancrum – Clinically Oriented Translational Cancer Multilevel Modelling
Between ACGT, ContraCancrum (Clinically Oriented Translational Cancer Multilevel Modelling) and p-medicine a close interaction will take place, as several of the partners are also enrolled in these three European funded projects.

logo_vph Virtual Physiological Human-Network of Excellence
VPH is designed to foster, harmonise and integrate pan-European research in the field of patient-specific computer models for personalised and predictive healthcare and ICT-based tools for modelling and simulation of human physiology and disease-related processes.

The goal of EURECA (Enabling information re-Use by linking clinical REsearch and Care) is to enable seamless, secure, scalable and consistent linkage of healthcare information residing in electronic health record (EHR) systems with information in clinical research information systems, such as clinical trials.

Rules,Expectations & Security through Privacy – Enhanced Convinient Technologies.

CONTRACT seeks to understand the way the European Data Protection Directive and the Clinical Trials Directive have had and continue to have an impact on the success of translational research.

Efficient Patient Recruitment for Innovative Clinical Trials of Existing Drugs to other Indications
PONTE is a European project standing for Efficient Patient Recruitment for Innovative Clinical Trials of Existing Drugs to other Indications.
PONTE provides a platform following a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach that offers intelligent automatic identification of individuals eligible to participate in clinical trials (concerning their safety and clinical trial efficacy).

The DICIPULUS project, funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, has been tasked with providing the Roadmap for the concrete realisation of the “Digital Patient”, a key development emerging from the Physiological VPH initiative.

The MD Paedigree project project pursues improved interoperability of paediatric biomedical information, data and knowledge through the development of a set of reusable and adaptable multi-scale models for more predictive, individualised, effective and safer paediatric healthcare.

VPH-Share is an ongoing project aiming at building a safe, online facility in which medical simulation developers can produce workflows – chains of processing tasks – to allow raw medical data to be refined into meaningful diagnostic and therapeutic information.

REWIRE (Rehabilitative Wayout in Responsive home Environments) is a European Project funded by the 7th Framework Program, that develops, integrates and field tests an innovative virtual reality based rehabilitation platform system based on a multi-level rehabilitation platform.

Dr. Inventor is built upon the vision that technologies have a great potential into supplementing human ingenuity in science by overcoming the limitations that people suffer in their efforts for pursuing scientific discovery. It presents an original system that will provide inspirations for scientific creativity by utilising the rich presence of web-based research resources.

CARRE (Personalized patient empowerment and shared decision support for cardiorenal disease and comorbidities) addresses comorbidity management via an approach that first fosters understanding of the complex interdependent nature of comorbidities in general and as specialized for the specific patient, then calculates informed estimations for disease progression and comorbidity trajectories, and finally compiles a variety of personalized alerting, planning and educational services so that patients (and professionals) are empowered and can make shared informed decisions.