Larkbio Kft.


Physical Address
Larkbio Kft.
Cegléd utca 22/A.
H-4029 Debrecen

Contact Person
Mr. Zoltan Kovacs

Larkbio is one of the leading medical/bioinformatics companies in Central Eastern Europe. It is a knowledge-based research SME in which medical doctors, molecular biologists, software engineers, chemists and mathematicians work in close cooperation in multidisciplinary teams. Larkbio’s main focus is on creating software and hardware solutions to support research activities in life sciences. Larkbio began research in medical image processing in 2007, its first project being the automated detection of melanoma malignum on digital images. During this time several software applications were developed supporting telemedicine, patient compliance and therapy adjustment.

Later that year, as the personalized medicine era started to enter, the company put greater effort into high throughput data analysis and biostatistics. Larkbio’s strong points are genomic bioinformatics, automated phenotyping and data analysis of high throughput technologies (e.g. microarray, NGS, chromatography), processing and evaluation of data from different data sources (e.g. data from lab experiments, clinical data, image processing), data mining and biostatistics.




Key Publications

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