University of Bedfordshire

Physical Address
Park Square

Contact Person
Prof. Feng Dong

The University of Bedfordshire,formed in August 2006 from an amalgamation of the University of Luton and the Bedford campus of De Montfort University, now has 25,000 students.

The Department of Computer Science & Technology comprises 40 academic staff and is responsible for the delivery of 20 awards. The Department regularly enrols over 500 postgraduate students on its taught Masters degrees and it has more than 50 PhD students. The Department has a strong record of international collaboration, in both research and in teaching, where it has collaborative agreements with universities in many countries. The research lab currently contains researchers of 13 different nationalities.

The Centre for Computer Graphics and Visualisation (CCGV) has undertaken research in computer graphics, computer animation and visualisation for over 20 years. It specialises in developing visualisation solutions to real-world problems and has been particularly active in the area of medical applications. It has extensive knowledge and experience of GPU algorithms through research. It has been involved in over 25 internationally funded projects (including projects in FPs4,5,6,7) over the last 14 years.



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